1. yeahdudecomics:

    heres the middle spread of my new comic tabloid Xeno-Kaiju with detailed views

    coming out soon from Radical Fortress

    Pat just finished this amazing looking comic that I’m putting out. They’ll be available in August I think, get stokeddddddddd.

  2. At long last, a new RADICAL FORTRESS website!


    Available for your pleasure: news of this summer’s projects, my weed Homer shirt is in the store and 5 volumes of Carlos González Boy's genius series LAMAQUINADETABACO have debuted!

    Don’t miss it!


  3. yeahdudecomics:

    heres some wip pics from my upcoming comic im making for rad fort

    working title is kaiju comic

    GET STOKED (like I am to publish it!)

  4. D’OH-PE! t-shirts also available in green! They’re selling briskly, pre-order yours now!!


    (and thanks!)

  5. D’OH-PE t-shirts on sale now! Only 30 available (20 white/10 green)! http://weedcoat.storenvy.com! Ships in December!

  6. Ad for Simon Hanselmann's 2 new posters for Radical Fortress, debuting at this Saturday’s Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest.

  7. Things are pretty sad. Let’s cheer up! Here’s a new comic for you that I’m calling RADICAL FORTRESS #56 and it’s by Jordan Speer. It’s 6 pages called Operation Vaporizer and it’s online now! Please view it… if you DARE!


  8. RADICAL FORTRESS #55 is a 5 page comic by Brad A. called Slug Toe. Read it right now if you have a moment!


  9. Jennifer Chip in Never Live It Down, 8 pages from a year ago by yours truly.

    New J Chip adventures on the way, working on them now!

  10. These OFFICIALLY go up sometime tomorrow, but if you want to pre-order these sweet Simon Hanselmann posters (Series 1 shipping in Oct! Series 2 debut at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Nov!), you can do so now: http://radicalfortress.storenvy.com/

    In Rad Fort news? Expanding the store, TONS of comics on the way (print and digital) and some more cool stuff! Lots of prep work for November’s big event!

  11. 3 old news Girl Mountain comics now up on RAD FORT! Make sure you didn’t miss “Health”, “Megg’s Depression” or “Hair Dye” by visiting radicalfortress.com NOW!!!

    Also this is still way cool, no matter how many times I post it: http://www.tcj.com/new-talent-showcase-8/ GO TEAM!

  12. 2 brand new Pawz McKooly comics by Fletcher Durbin are up now @ RADICAL FORTRESS!

    Make your dreams come true: http://www.radicalfortress.com/rad045/

  13. All of the original art to my GASH zines is now up for sale! Prices range from 8 dollars to 20 dollars, so everything is pretty affordable. Buying this stuff would help me out a whole ton, because you can never have enough money and I don’t have any.


    You’re all magic in my eyes!

  14. New digital comic on the site by Simon Hanselmann! RAD FORT #47 is Megg, Mogg & Owl in “Peyote”, it’s 13 color pages and it rules a whole ton. Check it out now!


  15. My new zine WÖRLD is now online for free reading/download:

    Read it with someone special.