1. fuckyeahalisonblaire:

    Dazzler #43 Cover by Joey Gantner

    Whoa, a blast from the past. I might still make this comic, but basically Dazzler does a lot of coke and works at Mohawk Storm’s dive bar (which she bought after she quit the X-Men to party).

  2. joeygantner:

    From the upcoming GASH 4 GOLD by Joey Gantner

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  4. Black Widow commission. Pencil, ink + wash. 6 dollar commissions end on Friday! Email me if you want something sludgepeople@gmail.com

  5. Thanks so much for everyone’s support so far! I am still taking $6 commissions for a full comic page or pin up to raise funds to pay off a hefty speeding ticket I received recently and am now offering some existing original art for purchase too.

    You can get one of these fine ladies for $12 each in the Sludge People store now!

    Ride the Lightning: http://sludgepeople.storenvy.com/products/3258696-ride-the-lightning-original-art
    Burger Babe: http://sludgepeople.storenvy.com/products/3258645-burger-babe-original-art

  6. Hey friends. I just got hit with a pretty gnarly speeding ticket which couldn’t have come at a worse time financially. So I’m turning to you, my tumblr elite.

    For $6 I will draw and mail you a one page comic in black & white on bristol board paper. You choose the concept (it can be anything - existing comic characters or any random situation) and I will make it a reality.

    More pages? Color it? You wanna write it? Get in touch and we can work it out.

    You can Paypal $6 to sludgepeople@gmail.com or email me there to inquire about whatever.

    Let’s have some fun!

  7. Hey, here’s a process post for a comic I’ve been working on for a bunch of months.

    1. First sketch
    2. Changed up the ninja
    3. I don’t own a lightbox currently, so I use a window and the sunshine.
    4. Color test. Most likely not the final version, but at least I have an idea.

    Ta-da! This should be out in September. Working on some mini comics too for the web, those should be up in like… one week? Maybe two.

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  8. Summer Babe by Joey Gantner

  9. warm up sketch

  10. Off the Hook by Joey Gantner

    new design for my friends in Sweden. They run the OFF THE HOOK COLLECTIVE, check em out if you like pizza and rock n roll.

  11. Pothead by Joey Gantner

  12. Pothead by Joey Gantner

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  13. As my Cyclops gif is picking up steam, it seems like a good time to offer up the original art. $10 gets you this pencil and ink drawing! Not as flashy, but still pretty nifty.


  14. Shirtainly by Joey Gantner

    My next t-shirt, coming this summer. Stay tuned ;)

  15. Pre-orders are now up for my D’OH-PE WEED Homer Simpson t-shirt in BLACK! These will ship next month and if you need a custom size email me soon sludgepeople@gmail.com


    There are 1 or 2 white t-shirts left in small and large, so if you’ve been waiting on those, get one now!

    My basement just flooded and destroyed 95% of the things I own/life has been kinda stinking in general - so any orders, likes or reblogs would be most appreciated. Thanks! :)

    -Joey Gantner